What are Qaroma products used for?

Our customers range from the casual home aromatherapy hobbyist to professional aroma mixers, as well as anyone in between.

What Temperatures do Qaroma's it Operate at?

Recommended temperatures for: 

Qaroma: 640F to 740F. Taroma & Ceroma: 600F to 700F 

What If i Break my Quartz or Ceramic Head?

While Our warranty Doesn't cover Damage or Misuse, we do offer a Parts store (Or will soon) where you can purchase individual components or accessories.

What should I take note of?

1. Qaroma Stand can feel like a hot cup of coffee, when left on for a long time. 

2. Do not expose wooden coil handle to extreme weather and humidity changes. Love your wood. 

3. Qaroma/Taroma/Ceroma is designed to prevent overfilling. However, please do not attempt to overfill the Qaroma/Taroma/Ceroma Gemstone Chamber. This can cause cracking due to thermal expansion and will void all warranty/ claims. Similarly, do not attempt to overtighten the screw of any QaromaShop heater heads.